Hey guys i have a very special thing to say today THE MAGIC ARMY IS NO MORE

πŸ˜€ let me tell u what this is about around august 2012 T.U.G an army ran by Flumpboi.

Now like every other army we had an enemy or 2 and our enemy was water army ran by pookie20. A few months T.U.G defeated the water army.

Now here’s the important part a few weeks after the water army was defeated pookie20 came back with a special announcment she said that she created a new army called called the magic army now at some time this year not that much members were turning up to battles (there wasn’t that much members) the magic army closed down for a while then about a week later pookie20 announced that the magic army had returned as the magic army 2.0 after a little while Flumpboi went on break from T.U.G so then I was the boss of T.U.G and me and my teammate agent freeze and a few other members went to war with the magic army and today was the day that the magic army’s magic disappeared we will probably have a celebration pretty soon on mirai if u see me and some other people partying feel free to join in lets just stay strong and if u would like to join T.U.G leave a comment and if i reply that means your in ok this is so great bye guys πŸ˜€

UPDATE: Pookie20 said that magic army will be coming back on march 20th

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  1. Pookie says:

    Magic Army Isn’t defeated i just make it offline it will return on march 20.

  2. Pookie says:

    It’s not gonna be magic army anymore i’m gonna renew it and gonna change name it will have different things.

  3. Pookie says:

    Oh c’mon you won’t believe me i’m just sick irl

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