Private Messages (Mirai)

In several other CPPS’s, you can give private messages to other people for secret communication. Mirai has finally opened that feature, but in a new way. Unlike the golden lock in, it’s the same mail icon from Club Penguin.

Here are some photos:

The mail icon is located on the left top of the screen.


After you press the mail, you will open a new window that is titled ‘Private Messages’. It will show all of your private messages you have received.


When you send a message, you have to make sure you type the username properly, so it won’t send to any other users. You also must enter 4-250 characters in the message.




In this feature, you can also scroll down (updated) the list of your messages. On the first version, there was no scrolling, so the people couldn’t read their old messages when they have too much messages. You can also select multiple messages to delete faster.



When you earn a private message, it will pop-up the same orange icon from Club Penguin. However, it won’t go higher than 1. So when you get two messages or more, you will just see that it says ‘1’.


I guess that’s it of the review of the new ‘Private Messages’ of Mirai. What do you think of it? Please take a second or two to comment/vote so we can know what you guys think of this feature sincerely. Good luck!


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