The New Outfit Saver In Mirai

Since it takes a while to scroll through your inventory and pick new outfits, Mirai decided to add Saved Outfits for users to easily switch outfits fast without the use of the long-loading inventory.

It can be confusing to use it for beginners, so here are the steps.

1. Click on your player card. You might see an icon of a disk, which means ‘Save’. Please press that.


2. After you have pressed the button, you will see a little miniature tab. You can name the outfit that you have now with any name you want. Press ‘Save’ after that, and you will be able to go back to that outfit in seconds while wearing something else.


3. When you think it’s time to change into one of your saved outfits, simply move your mouse to the right top of your screen. You will see a hard construction hat. Press that.


4. Once you’ve pressed that, you will get a new window. Press on the arrow in the grey box to open all of your outfits. You can either delete it, or wear it at this time.


5. That’s pretty much it, but there’s also another feature you can do. You can also save other people’s outfits, if you would like to.


Yup! I hope you have fun! Good luck! Please take a second or two to vote of what you think of this new feature in Mirai! We would sincerely like to know your opinion.


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