The Mirai Maintenance

If you have been trying to fumble into your account on Mirai, you can’t anymore. Due to the unexpected maintenance, no users are allowed to log in until they are finish. Hopefully they don’t delete our items again like the last update. This is what they informed us about on their site:



For the past hour or two, Mirai has been down due to unscheduled maintenance. We are unsure how long this will take but please be patient. We’re currently moving servers and improving the server back-end. While you wait, you can redeem this code for 5,000 credits. It can only be used 250 times total, but once per account. If you use it on multiple accounts you own or have logged into, it will reset your credits:


The unscheduled maintenance will bring a few new features, some more noticeable than others. Also, we’d like to hear your ideas for Mirai so we can add some more things today during the maintenance. If you have an idea, just tell a team member in the chat below.

Go to:, log in, press ‘Redeem Code’ and enjoy your new 5,000 credits!


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