Mirai Updated 1.9


Mirai Updated 1.9! It was pretty awesome!! This Update Looks Cool, Note: If You Have Trouble on your status color Mirai Will Fix It Soon.. Please Be Patient. It’s so fun! Your gonna enjoy it very much people! You Can Save Your Outfit. Blah blah blah blah ill just blah

  • BFF Feature- Do you have a best friend a mirai. Before mirai doesn’t have this feature. Now you can recognize who is really your Best Friend! Click Your Best Friend’s Player Card Then Click The BFF Icon Looks Like The Friend Icon On Club Penguin Now Click It Now Just Wait Him/Her Accept Your Request
  • Marry Feature- This feature allows you marry someone you love, By clicking your girlfriend/boyfriend’s player card. then click the top right side looks like a heart.
  • Like Feature- This Feature Allows You If You Like This Penguin. Simply Click A Player Card. Then Click The Smile Icon.
  • Save Outfit- You can now finally save outfits! Just Click The Construction Hat Beside The Green Puffle. Now to save an outfit. Click an playercard click the save outfit icon then Name it now its now saved it on the outfit saver
  • Penguin Mood- Are you blush,happy sad? Just say !MOOD [NUMBER 1-9] There are nine faces you can choose from! Blush,Happy,Sad,Angry,Awkward,:3,Tongue,And Smile You Can Buy It On The Credit Store By Only 30,000 Credits!

Wow! That update was really amazing! I’ll alert for another update!

Thanks for reading this post


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