Were Hiring!

Hey everyone I have just noticed that our authors aren’t active so I think we should get some new authors. Are u intrested in becoming an author if so answer these questions

Name In Game:
Previous Experiences:

so just answer those questions and u might be an author that’s all bye guys 😀

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2 Responses to Were Hiring!

  1. Molle says:

    My name is Brooke My name on mirai is Molle in game my email is molle1cpps.co@gmail.com the servers I have been mod on are mycp.ps, friends server, but I forgot the names I was mod on since its been a long time ive been on mycp.ps

  2. ialana1467 says:

    Hi! I Would Like 2 be a author, Im Using My Brothers email account..

    Name: Caitlyn
    Email: watkinsderek@hotmail.com
    Name On Mirai: ialana1467
    I’ve Noticed Tht I Keep getting hacked but it stopped(on mirai)

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