Were Hiring (ZipCPPS)

Okay So Guys Today Is A Different Post But This Is Also An Important Post ZipCPPS Needs Some More Staff So If You Wanna Be Staff Fill In This Thingy Thing

Whats Your Name?

What is The Username You Use On Most Stuff?

Do You Have Any Experience With Other Things Like Games Chats etc.?

Do You Know How To Hack Program Or Design?

Whats Your Email?

How Active Are You?

What Position Do You Wish For: Moderator,Programmer,Designer Or Admin?

Are You Gay? (lol joking)

Just Comment With The Answers Listed With 1. 2. 3. etc

Thats All Bye




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11 Responses to Were Hiring (ZipCPPS)

  1. scholesrox says:

    Name: Michael
    Well mostly scholes for everything thats because the guys in ym school make my nickname scholes they’re not bullies though.
    yep games cool stuff
    i wish for moderator
    NO I’M NOT GAY GOD JULIAN WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR lolololol i edited this -4171julian the gay thing was a joke :S Julian Was Here

  2. junie17125 says:

    1. Name: Jason
    2. Username: Junie17125
    3. Experience: Well I’m good at it, but it doesn’t work for me anymore.:(
    4. Hacker or Designer: Well I’m good at both, but hacking mostly.
    5. My Email: Well, it is personal information, so please no. LOL
    6. How active: I am active mostly a lot.
    7. Position: I wish for Moderator
    8. Gay: Is this a insult or are you for real?

    • 4171julian says:

      junie17125 Well I’m Afraid We Need To Know Your Email Because If You Don’t Tell Us 1. We Can’t Send You Secret Stuff Like Special Updates And Important Stuff And I Just Did The Gay Thing Because I Wanted To Joke Around And So What Would You Prefer If You Want You Can be A Programmer Or Designer Because All Of The Staff Have Moderator Powers

  3. supangzupang says:

    My Name is John
    The username i use mostly is SupangZupang
    no LOL
    my email is turaldejohnjoel@gmail
    im active like a dog LOL
    i wish for moderator
    im not gay LOL

  4. Nicholas says:

    1. Nicholas
    2. xneonnick
    3. can build a website…not like this blog -.-
    4.can do phishing
    5.active often
    6. xneonnick@gmail.com
    7. wishing for designer 🙂

  5. ryan457 says:

    Name: Ryan (Ryan457)
    Very active
    Admin or Moderator
    im not gay LOL

  6. 5ttfg says:

    1. Name: Aarmann Mohan
    2. Username: 5ttfg
    3. Experience: Yes, MOD on some chats
    4. How To Hack Program Or Design: Sort of
    5. Email: aarmannmohan@gmail.com
    6. How active: Quite active
    7. Position I wish: Moderator or admin

    • 5ttfg says:

      I think I should be an admin or moderator because of the following points:

      I promise not to abuse my power.
      I promise to keep the cpps safe and make sure everything is working fine.
      I promise to keep everyone happy and find evidence before I ban someone.
      I will be a friendly moderator or admin.
      I will make the cpps a fun place and everyone will be welcomed no matter what race they are.

      I hope I will get the opportunity to work with you!

  7. lloyd9674 says:

    Username:Lloyd Cp
    Experience:mod on chats and saying sexual stuff
    How To Hack Program Or Design: both

    How activeail:Quite active

    Position I wish:modorator,administrator

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