You Decide: Operation: Meltdown OR Operation: Tic-Toc

Hey Guys This You Decide Is About ZipCPPS We Need Help With Something! Were Thinking Up An EPF Mission This Is The 2 We Have Already

Operation: Meltdown – Herbert Puts 1 Giant Magnifying Glass Each On Top Of 3 of The Tallest Mountains Between The Sun And Zip Island! So The EPF And PSA Merge Together They Send A Brave Agent Out (You) To Destroy All 3 Of The Magnifying Glasses Each One Destroyed In A Different Way After That You After That You Must Find All 5 Of The Ice Fans On The Island And Activate Them To Freeze The Island Back Up Here’s Herbert’s Full Story That Lead Up To It: After Herbert Got Dragged Away By The Puffles He Woke Up In The Mountainside He Looked Around All He Saw Was A Bunch of Mountains Then He Spotted A Tall Mountain He Climbed Up The Mountain To Look For Something Intresting All He Saw Was 2 Guys Eating The Pizza Sign On The Pizza Parlor So He Sat Down Then Something Caught His Eye He Saw 2 Other Large Mountains On One Of Them He Saw A Guy With A Magnifying Glass Looking At The Rocks He Jumped over To The Mountain, Grabbed The Magnifying Glass And Kicked The Guy Off The Mountain He Had An Idea He Got Out His Grow Ray 3000 And Zapped The Magnifying Glass He Remembered He Saw This Thing On TV Where This Guy Was Mad At His Girlfriend So He Got A Magnifying Glass And Pointed It Between the Sun And His Girlfriend It Made His Girlfriend Melt! So Herbert Built 2 More Magnifying Glasses On 2 More Mountains. He Had A Plan To Make The Island So Hot That It Would Melt All The Snow And Ice And Reveal the Sand Under The Island. 1 Week After Herbert Set Up His Magnifying Glasses It Was Getting Extremely Hot, So Hot The EPF Were Getting Suspicious They Searched The Island For Clues Then They Heard A Crash They Saw A Figure Running Down The Mountainside They Looked Around The Mountainside And Spotted The Magnifying Glasses And Some Fur They Raced Back To HQ And Got Together They’re Best Agents. Director: Agents Herbert Is On The Loose Again Go Destroy The Magnifying Glasses Find Herbert And Fix The Melted Parts Of The Island Good Luck! Agents: We Will Do Our Best *Agents Race Out Door*. To Be Continued…

Operation:Tic-Toc (This Wont Be As Long) Herbert Wakes Up Underground He Gets An Idea He Plants Hot Sauce Bombs All Over The Island And Underground Your Mission Is To Deactivate All 10 Of The Bombs 5 On Land 5 Underground Then Sneak Into Herberts Base And Deactivate The Giant Bomb. Ok So You What Party Do You Want To See? Pick An Answer On Our Vote Or Comment Below If You Have An Idea For A Party On ZipCPPS -4171julian

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2 Responses to You Decide: Operation: Meltdown OR Operation: Tic-Toc

  1. scholesrox says:

    Yo Julian my dawg might be gettin ma PC fixed sometime this month have to use my iPad can’t accses mirai or anything else like I said working on swfs for parties I’ve thought of one make a sports party reply back tell me if it’s a good idea maybe be back next month bye I’ll miss ya

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