My Team

This Is My Team
4171julian Email:
Jake Angelo Email: Unknown
Pookie20 Email:
Xavier Email:
Ryan457 Email: (Possible I’m Not Sure)
Penguinice Email:
Ialana1467 Email:
Molle Email:
Oscar Kid Email: Unknown
SupangZupang Email: Unknown
Lalalexi7 Email: Unknown
XxScholesxx Email: Unknown
Gleam1234 Email: Unknown
Mrzool Email: Unknown
PettyPengy Email: Unknown
Ryan Matthew Email: Unknown
ShugoChara: Email:
fabulus Email: Unknown

V That’s All if I Have Missed You Or If You Want To Be On The List Comment Below V

And What Should I Call The Club If Your Name Gets Picked You Will Get Added To The List (If Your Not Already) You Will Get A Free CP Account And Get To Be An Author On This Blog

3 Responses to My Team

  1. cppspenguinice says:

    Im si glad ya put meh in 🙂

  2. JAY94716 says:

    hey julian wats ur cp website

  3. its oscar says:

    Julian its me Oscar kid my new name on mirai CPPS is ” its Oscar” so go on dude 😦

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